Our Mission

Criollos USA is founded by Argentines for Argentines.

Our mission is to be the bridge connecting those in need of help to those who are able to lend it.

Argentina is a beautiful country with its charming people, whose charismatic demeanor and welcoming attitudes are admired everywhere. We hope to introduce our wonderful culture, amazing foods, profound history and variety of music. Inspire people to visit Argentina and explore all that it has to offer. Stretching from the vast country side of the Patagonia, passing through its magnificent cities, take a break on one of its relaxing beaches, the history that is still alive in its humble pueblos. All over this wonderful country, you will find people always willing to sit down and share a Mate (national drink). Being invited to a delicious asado with their family and friends. One can always find conversations when it comes to the topic of our futbol teams.

Although with all its beauty, there have been economic and political turmoil that is still affecting the people there today. There is progress, but only thanks to the many people who tirelessly dedicate their lives to helping others. There are countless micro organizations that sometimes go un-noticed. Helping to feed the hungry, education for its children and in guiding them for a better future. Organizations that provide clothing, school supplies, even homes for those in need. We want to encourage and support that bond for those seeking help to those able to lend that helping hand.

Criollos USA is not just a one way bridge. We are bound to the community we have here in the US. Over the years we have created a family to keep us connected to our roots. We offer an invitation to all.

Criollos USA will provide support for those seeking a life here in the US, to help them on the right path. We hope to preserve our culture here at home. To keep alive for our children and to welcome any one who’s interested in the unique country and the many faces of Argentina.

We proudly support Por los Chicos
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